Off The Range Tour 2020  with Allen Dobb


Due to the situation with Covid 19 this tour is postponed until later in 2020


                          Saturday, July 18, 2020 39 Days of July  4:00 pm.  

Down Town Duncan, BC

      This show will be live streamed and recorded at the Duncan Showroom.

All other 2020 gigs are cancelled – see you in 2021! Take care …


The concert on Saturday, August 15th is sold out. We have no other concerts scheduled at this time. Thank you for the interest. We appreciate you checking in.


                                   Bill and I are spending our music time writing and recording. He has taken up composing songs with lyrics and singing them in his wonderful low timbre vocal style. A couple projects are on the table- one being a tribute to John Bottomley – a songwriter that inspired me over the years- left this world too soon – his songs linger and I we want to honour and pass them on. Another project is a group of songs that were inspired on two different road trips to Red Rocks, Colorado.


For more info about these dates please email us